Thistle Farms - Essential Oil Bug Spray Display Set

Discover the ultimate natural insect repellent that is safe, effective, and free from DEET and harsh chemicals. Our skin-friendly formula is derived from nature's own bug repellants, making it a trusted choice for insect protection. Our carefully crafted formula incorporates the power of rose geranium, citronella, lemon eucalyptus, lemongrass, and peppermint oils. These natural essential oils work together harmoniously to create a potent bug-repelling solution. With an impressive 99% effectiveness rating by AEDSAE, our natural insect repellent provides reliable defense against pesky bugs. Experience the healing properties of our product, benefiting not only your skin but also the women survivors who passionately craft it. Our Natural Bug Spray is available in two sizes to suit your needs. The 32 Piece 2 oz Package offers great value, containing 32 units of 2 oz Essential Oil Bug Spray, along with 2 FREE testers and a FREE countertop display.