Stubby Mini-Home Decor #2-Round Bowl-6 inches-Home Decor #2

This is our Home Decor Option. What does that mean? It means that we cannot guarantee that they are candle pour ready, no leaks.. But, however, it does not mean that they can't be. We just do a quick eye test for pin holes, etc Pinholes and knots are common with these home decor bowls. And here we go again....We continue to create, innovate and deliver on being your one and only source for your candle business. We know you have many choices. Ours are the best. Keep in mind that these are handmade, rustic, one of a kind and size will vary slightly. NOTE: Please understand that these bowls are a natural handmade product and will never be perfect. That is what makes them rustic and beautiful. Tone, smoothness, shape etc, all rustic and never machine made. Please keep that in mind when you buy these. Stubby™ Mini round Dough Bowls: Home Decor #2 Size- 5-6W x 2-2.5D inches-

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