Natalie White 41 Wood Bead W/Med Gold Clay Cross

The NATALIE has 41 painted wooden beads (20 mm) strung with twine, terminating in a medium size clay cross imprinted with a crucifix or a plain cross. A base metal St. Benedict charm is attached at the junction. Available in standard and custom colors and configurations. Please see the Design Options page for details. Why 41 Beads? The Angel number 41 is a symbol of hope and affirmation and represents an authentic way of living. It is also a symbol of spiritual guidance in higher form, a feeling of divine presence in your life. Why a Cross? Through His sacrifice, Jesus changed the symbolism of the cross from death and destruction to redemption, forgiveness, and sacrificial love, turning the cross into a picture of life, truth, and freedom. Why St. Benedict? The St. Benedict medal is believed to be a very powerful medal, as it declares the wearer’s trust in God’s authority over evil and His ability to protect His children.