Indian Orange Scrunch Dyed Mesh Organic Cotton Bag

This organic cotton mesh bag is the perfect compact, lightweight accessory to take you from the morning markets right through to an afternoon at the beach. 100% naturally hand dyed in Brisbane using a traditional Indian recipe combining turmeric, pomegranate and madder to create the magical earthy orange colour.   Making a difference: ✿ Naturally dyed with pigments from plants and fruit that are biodegradable, without water pollutants and cause no harm to the earth ✿ Made from 100% Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton, meaning it must meet environmental and social requirements including no harmful chemicals to be used in manufacturing or packaging, and workers must have the right to safe working conditions, fair pay, and capped working hours ✿ 100% hand dyed locally in Brisbane Australia ✿ Eliminates the need for plastic bags whilst shopping and storing your fruit and vegetables, helping you live plastic free!

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