What We Do

Here's how it works:

Visit our site. Make a purchase. Affect individuals who have little to nothing.
Each piece comes with a story, with a history, with a life behind the product. Your purchase and partnership intertwines your life with the reality around the world.

We know that there are bigger troubles in the world, whether that be in another country or one street over. We know that there are people who are hurting, whose lives have been turned upside down; or might never have been right-side up to begin with. There are children who are sold into sexual slavery; hungry mouths and eyes pleading for relief. There is ground that shakes with the marching of child soldiers throughout the night. There are homes where AIDS threatens to steal the lives of every soul within the country's borders. 

Problems too big to carry as individuals. Problems we want to touch and somehow relieve, but knowing where to start leaves us in a standstill.

It is not an imprint we seek, a fossilized record of a good deed; it is the knowledge that our lives had some kind of fluid power, a ripple effect that started small and grew greater and greater upon impact; so that the end result is a world that will never again be the same.

This is the Purchase Effect. 

This is what we do.

And this is WHO WE ARE.